Stationery Must Haves

Parties first stop…… Invitations!

Invitations not only let guests know the logistics of who, when, where, etc. but more importantly, the invitation sets the tone. Stationery is a great way to introduce the theme, show off your style, and build excitement for the upcoming event

Whether you are planning a wedding, baby shower, birthday, or any special occasion, Swift Design by Madison has you covered! Plus, Madison is offering a discount to Ashley’s Dream Decor followers!

Get the discount code and check out some of Madison’s beautiful designs below.

Madison shares:

“Invitations are the start of an event experience.  They set the theme, tone, and expectations for a party.

At Swift Design by Madison, I have a mission to make sure that guests who receive my carefully designed printable invitations from their hosts will burst with excitement and admiration as soon as the envelope or email is opened.

Printable designs are becoming more and more popular.  Printable invitations are inexpensive, cuts out printing middlemen and extra costs and gives more flexibility for customization to match your unique style and event.  You can take a printable invitation to a printing provider yourself, print it at home or email it to guests! Possibilities expand with printable designs.

Remember: Every party begins with the invitation.  Don’t let your party flop before guests even arrive. Hit a home run from the start with a design that drops jaws from Swift Design by Madison!

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Use your 10% off code and check out invitations and other designs from Swift Design by Madison here:

Do you have a special occasion that you would like to share? I’d love to see it!


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  1. I love that you mentioned that printable designs are becoming more and more popular. I will have to tell my sister about this later today when I give her a call. She has been asking me about it for some time now. I didn’t even realize that they could be printed until after reading this. Thanks so much for the great advice!


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