Moon & Back

Combine a charming location with this couple’s natural love and you’ve got a winning engagement session.

Capture as many moments as possible, because in a blink of an eye the wedding is over. From the engagement to the final send off, make each moment count.

I think this session captured the moment perfectly.


This is what Ali shared about the shoot- “The inspiration for this styled shoot came from the thought of stargazing on a warm summer night with your special someone. We incorporated deep blues, shimmering golds, twinkling lights and glowing candles in the shoot. We felt this styled shoot could represent a romantic date night, anniversary, or proposal.

We wanted to bring some authenticity to the styled shoot, so we chose to use a real couple instead of professional models. The love shared between them was evident during the shoot, and their chemistry was able to shine through on film.

We set up in three different locations for the shoot because we wanted our photos to tell a story. The evening starts off with a romantic dinner for two between the trees, it then moves on to cuddling in the setting sun, followed by an evening of stargazing in the back of a truck.”

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