Citrine Fall Magic

It’s no secret that fall is my favorite time of year. Like most, I look forward to the crisp cool air, pumpkin spice lattes, and scenic drives up colorful canyons.

For September, I thought I’d showcase one of my favorite crystals, Citrine. It captures the essence of fall perfectly.

Used to Style:

Styling Tips:

1). Showcase something you love. For the centerpiece, I displayed around a dozen citrine on one of my favorite cake stands.

2). Don’t forget the importance of fabric. Using fabric in a table setting softens the look, adds comfort, and mixes up textures. For this setting, I used jeweled velvet to add a romantic feeling.

3). DIY sign. Pair an old frame with your choice of poster board for an easy DIY sign. If you are like me and have horrible handwriting, use vinyl lettering for the wording. However, if you are a pro, go crazy with handwritten lettering.

Citrine- Known for attracting abundance, happiness, strength, and confidence.

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