Nevermore Dinner Party

Host a ghostly get-together with creepy treats and delicious eats but dress warmly, because this outdoor dinner party has an eerie chill in the air.

Used to Style:

Styling Tips

1). Place setting embellishments are a great way to introduce the theme and add a personal touch. I used paper crows with “Nevermore” printed on them for a spooky feel. The evening’s menu could also be printed on the back of the crows for an extra surprise.

2). Candles, candles, candles. I know I say it a lot, but you can never have enough! Line the table with an assortment of candles to enhance the mood and create a mysterious glow.

3). Picking the right venue for the event is essential. If you’re hosting a dinner party at home, consider doing it outdoors. Use the natural elements to your advantage. The crisp fall air and night sky are perfect for enhancing a spooky dinner.

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