Donut Bar Wedding

Simple weddings are some of my favorites! The wedding was styled with lots of greenery, wood tones, and natural colors to complement the couple’s laidback personalities. Perfect for celebrating the day with their closest friends and family.

Used to Style:

  • Stained crates and wood slats
  • Amalfi Rose Gold Metallic dessert stands
  • “Donut Bar” framed sign
  • “All you need is LOVE (and Donuts)” Sign
  • Glass vases with greenery
  • Mixture of votive candles
  • Ribbon picture display

Styling Tips

1). When building a dessert bar, I like to use a variety of materials to add levels, texture, and color. For this donut bar, I used the rose gold metallic dessert stands paired with dark brown crates and wood slats to display the delicious treats.

2). I love repurposing old frames. A ribbon picture display is an inexpensive way to showcase pictures of the couple. Simply hot glue 3 strips of wide ribbon to the back of a frame with equal space in-between. Then, attach 4×4 photos with hot glue to the front making sure to stagger the images.

3). Save money by ordering in bulk! Ordering greenery in bulk is a great way to save money on flowers and is nearly impossible to go wrong with. The greenery looks great in budding vases, assembled together to make a garland, or to accent a simple tiered cake.

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