Cookies for Santa


I love the holiday tradition of leaving cookies and milk for Santa. Christmas morning is full of excitement when your kids see the cookies have been eaten. Proof that Santa is real!

Turn a holiday tradition into an afternoon of fun! I’ve partnered with Party Hat Paper Co. to bring you a fun Cookies for Santa party.

Your kids will have a blast decorating each cookie in their own unique way in anticipation for Santa.

How fun would this be Christmas eve?!

Styling Tips:

1).Turn any wall into a festive backdrop with party streamers! All you’ll need is 3 colors of party streamers and masking tape. Alternate the colors of streamers using the tape to attach each strand to the wall. This backdrop is so easy to make and very affordable. Try twisting each strand of streamers to add a fun effect.

2).Don’t forget about the chairs! I love adding ribbon, greenery, flower arrangements, or even a name tag to the back of chairs. For this look, I used a simple holiday wreath tied with a candy cane ribbon.

Do you have a special occasion that you would like to share? I’d love to see it!


Even the cat got into the Christmas spirit!

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