Desert Abundance

The world is abundant and needs to be seen. What better place to showcase the spirit of abundance than in Sedona AZ.

Words can’t describe it. You have to be there to understand the pulsing energy, majestic red rock, and joyful people. If you get the chance, don’t pass up the trip.

I wanted to play with bright colors to match Sedona’s lively atmosphere and vibrant sunsets. The décor included citrine crystals, prickly cacti, and fresh citrus fruit.

It’s hard to compete with the deserts majesty, but with the right setting, abundance shines through.

Used to Style

Styling Tips

1). Fresh Fruit – Fresh citrus fruit such as oranges, grapefruit, and lemons make a great addition to a centerpiece. The vibrant fruit brings a pop of color while adding a delicious citrus scent.

2). Live Plants – When possible, choose live potted plants over artificial. Not only do potted plants bring a lively feel, they are great to place around your home when done. For this setup, I used 4 colorful cacti. They are now sitting in my kitchen window. Each time I see them, they remind me of the fun evening in Sedona around the table.

3). Don’t be afraid of color! – Bright colors such as teal, orange, yellow, and pink instantly raise the vibration and add a general sense of joy. Try incorporating a bright pop of color into your next event.


Photo by: Madeline BeetonPhoto by: Madeline Beeton

This party was styled in partnership with Amalfi Décor

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