Mystic Spa

We could all use a little relaxation!

Invite a few close friends over for an evening of pampering, wine, and relaxation. End the evening by sending your friends home with gifts baskets of your favorite bath products.

Enjoying a spa night alone? Really treat your self with a good face mask, a rich body scrub, and a deluxe bath bomb.

Turn your bathtub into an elegant spa by adding fresh flowers, essential oils, crystals, and crisp white towels.

Used to Style

  • 3-Piece Tall Metal Ribbon Cake Stand Set (White)
  • Green bottle vases with fresh flowers
  • Fairy lights, floating candles, tea light candles
  • Expandable bamboo bathtub caddy
  • Wood incense burner
  • Draping greenery
  • White towels rolled up
  • Soaps, body scrubs, face masks, bath bombs, luffas, etc.

Bitch Bombs provided the amazing bath bombs in today’s spa party!

These bath bombs are CBD infused, THC free, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly!

These were some of my favorites bath bombs we tried out!

Witches familiar Topped with oatmeal, as well and ylang-ylang oils

RattleClaw Infused with cedar wood & frankincense

Kush Queen Pink with a gold sheen, infused with grapefruit & bergamot essential oils.

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This party was styled in partnership with Amalfi Dรฉcor

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