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White Winter

12 Days of Christmas Day 7 of the 12 Days of Christmas! Change the look of your front entry way with this quick and easy winter decor.   I love the Cricut! I used the Cricut to make the snowflake backdrop and paper trees. If you don't have a Cricut there are free snowflake templates

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Burlap Advent

12 Days of Christmas Day 6 of the 12 Days of Christmas!   I love advent calendars. Everyone remembers making paper chain link count downs in elementary school or perhaps getting the cardboard book advent with pop out window filled with chocolate candy. It's amazing how exciting tearing off a paper chain link or opening a

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Gingerbread Treat

12 Days of Christmas Day 5 of the 12 Days of Christmas  When I was young each year my brothers and I would go to our grandmas to Decorate graham cracker ginger bread houses. Getting the graham cracker house to stand was always the hardest part. Usually my grandma would do that part while I

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Silver & Black

12 Day of Christmas Day 4 of the 12 Days of Christmas  Decorate a chic holiday table on a budget with items found at the Dollar Tree. The Dollar Tree had a great selection of assorted silver dinning wear. Plates, napkin rings, bowls, utensils, platters, and glasses were all used to put together this table setting.

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Mickey Holiday

12 Days of Christmas Day 3 of the 12 Day of Christmas One Christmas morning when I was a child, I woke up to find only 3 envelops placed on the tree addressed to my brothers and me. Hesitantly and confused I opened mine.  I couldn’t believe my eyes, tickets to Disney Land!  My parents

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12 days of Christmas Day 2 of the 12 days of Christmas! Bring a little winter joy to your kitchen with a hot cocoa bar! I love cozying up to a fire place with a warm blanket and a cup of hot cocoa. It's one of the best parts of the winter season. "Baby it's cold outside", I love this

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Rustic Plaid

12 Days of Christmas Starting the holiday season off with the 12 Days of Christmas. On the first day of Christmas Target inspired me, 1 adorable reindeer. Plaid reminds me so much of the holiday season. When shopping at Target, I came across an adorable plaid reindeer. I love when one item can inspire an

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Frosty Pink

Magical Touch of Snow Fall I love the look of fresh fallen snow on top of tree branches. The snow transforms the dead bare branches into a winter wonderland. Bring the magic of the season into your home with this snow covered tree. Even the pinecones have a frosty dust of snow. Sparkling pink snow

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Pink Winter

Table Setting for the Holidays I love the non traditional color pallet of this holiday table setting. The combination of pale pink, golds, and champagne colors create a stunningly romantic atmosphere. Peonies and roses create a beautiful winter bouquet. The glow from the miniature Christmas lights bounce off the decor enhancing the romanitc ambiance. In the spirit of

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Foxy Dinner

Mischievously Adorable Foxes have adorable pointed ears and bushy tails but are known to be mischievous and tricky. The intriguing nature of the fox inspired this table scape. I love lush greenery criss crossed in the center of a round table. Bring a touch of greenery to the centerpiece with mini wreaths on the base

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