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Sedona Magic

Energy that inspires

When I was young, it was easy to submerge myself into magical worlds of make belief and fantasy. I’d play for hours traveling to African safaris, deep jungles, and royal kingdoms. There were no limits to creation as a child. Sedona reminded me that my childhood imagination still exists and those magical worlds are just around the corner.

Used to Style

  • Teal and pink color pallet: to enhance the vibrant beauty of Sedona’s red rocks
  • Succulents in various glass vases: to remind us of the resiliency in desert life
  • Fairy lights: to invite whimsical playful energy
  • Deer Antlers: to serve as a symbol of renewal
  • Terrariums filled with little crystals: to enchant the eye with the soft pink glow
  • Amalfi candle holder and decorative trays: to help showcase the stunning crystals
  • Gold flatware, grey stone plates, gold chargers, and textured goblets: to add texture and color to the place setting
  • Various geometric shaped place cards: to highlight the uniqueness of each guest
  • Shimmering copper menus: to add sparkle and elegancy
  • Pink Rose Quartz crystals: to invoke tenderness, healing, and love

Thank you to the talented group of women that brought their unique gifts together in order to create something truly magical!

Products featured:

Crystals provided by: Kelly Lang

Clothes provided by: Gypsy Jenny’s Boutique

Strawberry Milk: Local Juicery

Chocolate: Chocolita

ZEN MONQ Essential Oil Smoker: MONQ Therapeutic Air

Hurricane Candle Holder and decorative trays provided by: Amalfi Decor


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  1. We are so in love with this magical spread!! 💞

  2. I am in love with all of the bright colours you use! Fantastic shoot. LOOVE the gorgeous scenery that inspires you. xx


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